Creek Monkey Tap House (Rocksteady Brewing)

Brewpub in Martinez

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Creek Monkey Tap House
We decided to create a place where you and your monkeys can come and become a part of our craziness. We serve food grown, raised and caught by people we know. … We don’t really see the sense in having our food suffer long lonely journeys in cold impersonal containers. We’d rather see our food in the fields and farms that surround where we live. Knowing where your food comes from seems like common sense to us but it’s become a concept as foreign as most of America’s food. Now granted, at first light it might seem neat to have a fruit or vegetable when it’s out of season in the Northern Hemisphere but why not eat with the seasons. We also think that our industrial food practices are making us sick and we’re sick of that. See we’re into the “slow food” movement. No, we’re not a bunch of lazy people who don’t want to serve you in a timely manner. We just believe that maybe it’s time we slowed down and went back a step or two to when food actually nourished us and didn’t kill us. We’re not hippies we just want to make some sense out of the chaos that has become the modern world. We’ll start with food and see where that gets us. We also believe that people make better things than machines. We’ll be brewing beer and making sodas and trying some things on you that you may just love. Let us know us know we’re doing the right thing by coming in and hanging out with us often.
The County Connection, BART, AmTrak

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