Cowiche Creek Brewing Company

514 Thompson Rd BLDG #2, Cowiche, Washington, 98923

Located in the farming community of Cowiche, WA, we create beers that celebrate two of the best parts of Washington Agriculture – malt and Yakima hops!
Our story begins with two farmers sitting down for a good dinner at a local brewpub with thirsts to quench. The first one orders an IPA like she has done many t…imes before. The other one, not familiar with craft beer at all, also orders an IPA not wanting to be out done by the lady. The instant he took his first sip he fell in love with the citrusy aroma and fresh taste of Yakima Valley hops. From there, he spent every chance he could for the next year and a half reading anything he could get his hands on about beer production. He built a brew stand. Had his brother weld sanitary fittings on his kettles. He began perfecting recipes. Many, many gallons of beer later it got to the point where the brewing had taken over the first farmer’s parking spot in the garage and two rooms inside the house(including the kitchen). The end was inevitable. He needed more space. temperature control. A bigger brewhouse. A cold room. A hop yard. Even glycol. Maybe he could convert the living and dining rooms. Tear out the alfalfa to make room for the hop trellis, he thought to himself. For about 1.2 seconds. Then he thought what would the first farmer think of these crazy ideas. Welcome to the expansion project. We are converting the 1972 sq. foot building normally used to store tractors and hay bales into our brewery. Stay tuned for updates on construction and permit approval.

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