Floyd County Brewing

129 W Main Street, New Albany, Indiana, 47150

A Full Service Restaurant & Brewery on 1st & Main in New Albany, Indiana with an Old World Theme, serving our Craft Brews, Food, and Entertainment
Check out our Trailer:http://youtu.be/2PB-F64hVMs
The birth of Floyd County Brewing Company was a natural collision of passions, experiences and call of duty to our community. We decided to take the proverbial… fork in the road and take the road less travelled, invest our life savings, and do our part to help revitalize New Albany to the river town mecca it once was before steamboats faded away. We love our hometown and want to share our culinary and craft brewing passions with the community in a way that is hopefully unique and unforgettable. We are like many, in that we come from small town farming and small business families. However, we have also been blessed to travel the globe developing an appreciation for all cultures with a keen fondness for European countries where Craft Beer became what we now know it to be. Sitting in a cozy pub on the shore of Ireland after getting engaged on the Cliffs of Moher hours earlier; we made the decision to focus on our passions and bring a touch of Old World Europe back home with us. You will see those influences in all that we do, from the Food, the Froth and the Follies. God Bless, Floyd County Brewing Company

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