Grimm Artisanal Ales

990 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11211

Brewery and taproom in Brooklyn, NY.
Our beers are artisanal and often Belgian-inspired. We aim to create elegant ales that are experimental and unique, balanced with complex flavors and aromas. Fr…om the recipes to the artwork on the labels, everything is designed by ourselves and our good friends. Gypsy brewing means we are brewers without a permanent brewing home. We travel to other breweries, use their equipment to make something special, and bring the results back home to share. Think of Grimm Ales as a band, and the host brewery as a recording studio. We go into the studio from time to time and make an album (or a beer, rather!). Each batch of beer will be a one-of-a-kind, seasonal, limited edition brew. If you like a particular beer we release, drink it up — it may never come back around again! Expect our first beers to pop up in New York in summer 2013. Some of our first batches might be a crisp, spicy rye abbey ale, a rich, golden Belgian tripel, and a hop-focused pale ale made with clean, slightly acidic champagne yeast.
We brew what we want to drink.

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